Our leadership training seminars for Antidotes to Austerity can be delivered in a number of flexible ways.

For example we can deliver:

  • A one day overview of the complete series
  • All 10 sessions as individual “bit-sized” 2 hour sessions over a period of weeks
  • All 10 sessions in 5 half day workshops
  • A flexible arrangement to suit your particular organisation

Leadership Training Seminars: 5 Leadership Challenges to combat Austerity

Here we introduce our 5 half day leadership training seminars based on the Antidotes to Austerity model. The seminars incorporate all 10 of the sessions in the series, organised around five challenges leaders face.

Antidotes to Austerity leadership training seminars

The five challenges are expressed in the Antidotes to Austerity model. At the centre of the model is Tipping Point Leadership, exploring how leaders can turn the tables on austerity. To achieve this, the tension between growth and cuts needs to be resolved. This will need resourceful leadership and regaining and re-focusing on what makes the business grow: the business “mojo”.

However, in times of recession it is all to easy to lose sight of the customer needs and struggle with keeping employees engaged. How can you address both customer and employee needs when times are tough? Missing advantage addresses this tension.

Foundational to turning the tables on austerity is the need to get back to a focus on performance, . This needs a focus on moving performance, shifting the focus from getting by to getting ahead . Finally to unlock the tensions that often exist in a recession we need to re-think motivation to unlock the potential of teams and release  creative energy to respond to austerity.


Antidotes to Austerity  Half-Day Leadership Training Seminars

The series can be delivered as 5 half-day leadership training seminars, grouping the sessions together to address five challenges:
  1. A Tipping Point - Turning the tables on austerity. This workshop introduces the series.
    1.  Tipping Point Leadership
  2. A Tension Resolved - Challenging the growth vs cuts tension.
    1. Regaining your business “mojo”
    2. Resourceful leadership
  3. A Missing Advantage - Can you address both the needs of customers and  keeping employees engaged during a recession
    1. The missing advantage
    2. Customer comes second because….
  4. A Moving Performance - Shifting the focus from getting by to getting ahead
    1. It’s all about performance
    2. Manage your own performance – think energy
  5. A Balance re-dressed- Rediscovering motivation to unlock the potential of teams and release creativity
    1. Re-energise your teams
    2. Re-thinking motivation when times are tough
    3. Extreme thinking – releasing creativity

There are 10 sessions in the leadership training seminar series:

  1. Tipping point leadership – find the glass
  2. Regaining your business “mojo”
  3. Resourceful leadership
  4. The customer comes second because……
  5.  The missing advantage
  6. It’s all about performance
  7. Manage your own performance – think energy
  8. Re-energise your teams
  9. Re-thinking motivation when times are tough
  10. Extreme thinking – releasing creativity

If you’re interested in talking further about our Antidotes to Austerity, then please do get in touch.

You can read more about the series by returning to our main discussion of the issues and themes:  Antidote to Austerity