Tipping point leadership characteristicsWhat leadership characteristics are needed in a recession? One little known but crucial set of characteristics  are those of tipping point leadership.

Tipping Points as Antidotes to Austerity

Tipping point Leadership  – find the glass is one of our Antidotes to Austerity workshops. Tipping points have been popularised by the work of Malcolm Gladwell in his book of the same name exploring how small things can have a big impact. In the context of a recession the idea of leaders finding tipping points in their business has extra significance. When resources are under pressure finding the small changes that can have a big impact  makes sense. But what is a tipping point? According to Kim and  Mauborgyne in their Harvard article on the subject a tipping point is when the energy and belief in an organisation reaches a point where change can happen quickly. In this workshop we’ll explore how tipping points can make a significant impact in a recession. How can you find the small things that can have a big impact on your business?


Tipping Point Leadership Characteristics – Find the Glass

The title of this workshop has what might seem a strange reference to glass. Find the glass is a reference to a model we will introduce to challenge you to hold on to competing tensions rather than to let go of one and compromise. It is often in the contradiction of tensions that breakthrough solutions are found.

In this workshop we’ll help you to be able to:

  • Develop approaches focused on achieving change quickly
  • Take steps to create the conditions for tipping points
  • Assess where you need tipping points
  • Identify your own tipping points
  • Re-define critical tensions where compromise is likely to find breakthrough solutions
  • Plan to develop you own tipping point leadership characteristics
  • Apply the tipping point principles to prcatice in your organisation

Tipping point leadership characteristics are a timely response  and counter-weight to the negative effects of a recession.

Turn the tables on deficit thinking and find the tipping points in your business.  Find the antidotes to Austerity!


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