performance management approaches manage you own performanceThe best performance management approaches begin with ourselves. If you are going to ask others to challenge austerity, you need to ensure your own performance is up to the task! “Manage your own performance” recognises that at the heart of the best performance management approaches are motivated and performing managers. Your performance matters and it is not dependent just on you. Your performance as a manager is dependent on you getting other to perform!

Our workshop “Manage your own performance” focuses on helping you to be in the best position and shape to manage the performance of others and challenge austerity.

Performance Management Approaches for Tough Times

In a tough business environment austerity can be exhausting. So keeping your energy and focus is not easy. Your motivation matters, as MORI director Gideon Skinner put it:

how likely are you to be enthusiastic about your company if your line manager can’t be?

It is perhaps an obvious point to make but nevertheless an important one.

We all know that managing effectively can be hard work – both demanding and a balancing act, but before managing the performance of others, it’s useful to think about your own performance, skills and well-being.  In this workshop you will explore some critical ideas to help you deal with the demands of your job, and to get that balance just right.

No matter how good your performance processes, if you and your fellow managers are struggling that is likely to rub off on those around you.

 Find out how to develop your resilience and optimism by tackling energy sapping actvities and cultivating energy sources to re-new your energy. Our 5 strategies to managing energy at work provide you with a great pltaform to build a resilient response to the recession.

This session will help you to:

  • Use your strengths to perform.
  • Work at peak performance.
  • Create more discretionary time (time which you control).
  • Find energy sources and use that energy to be creative.
  • 5 strategies to mamaneg you energy at work
  • Focus on delivering meaningful outcomes.

The best performance management approaches to challenge austerity start with ourselves.  If we want to motivate our colleagues we do that best by being motivated ourselves.  To better manage others we need to give some time and attention to managing ourselves.