Customers comes second engaged employeesHow can letting your customers come second be good for your customers? And why would it be particularly important as a way to combat austerity? Surely during a recession it matters more than ever to focus on your customer. Yes of course that is the case, but in this workshop we look at the only way to really do that effectively.

As with many of the workshops in our antidotes to austerity series we have sought out ideas which can have a mutually beneficial effect. Often this involves  a counter-intuitive approach such as in this workshop. Customers are  the life blood of any business, but to continue the metaphor, for blood to circulate you need an effective heart. The heart of a business is its people. That’s because:

  • When employees deliver superb service customer satisfaction rises.
  • Happy customers fuel engaged employees.

Engaged employees and customer satisfaction is a two way mirror.  Engaged employees feed customer satisfaction, and satisfied customers improve the engagement of employees.  The satisfaction mirror suggests a reciprocal and mutual reinforcement – a virtuous circle of engagement.

Customers Come Second Because….

You’ll find this “customers come second” workshop captures the double benefit of engaged employees and satisfied customers. As a recession busting strategy it suggests that more than ever organisations need to concentrate on their employees to not only release their creativity, but also to remain engaged and close to your customers.

In this workshop we will help you to be able  to:

  • Apply the customer satisfaction mirror to transform business in a recession
  • Create a tipping point to engage employees
  • Develop the virtuous circle of engaged employees and satisfied customers and vice versa
  • Empower resourceful humans rather than human resources
  • Adopt approaches to engage employees in difficult circumstances
  • Capitalise on the single most important factor in the health and wellbeing of employees

The difficult climate of a recession can make employees feel vulnerable,  and losing employee commitment can prove to be very costly, not least on the effect it has on your customers.

Customers come second because….employees come first. Attend to the first and reap the benefits of the second.

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