why is teamwork importantWhy is teamwork important in a recession? If you have re-organised or restructured one of the first thing to suffer is the effectiveness of teams. Our workshop “re-energise your teams” takes a look at how to get teams re-focused and energised. In a recession it’s likely that your teams are under-pressure especially if you have re-organised:

  • People may be in new teams, or new roles.
  • Teams may be smaller, or facing new challenges.
  • Teams may be under-performing or stuck
  • Leaders might suddenly find themselves leading new teams or bringing different teams together

Without doubt in tough times you need to concentrate on regaining the initiative with your teams.

Why is Teamwork Important? Achieving more together

Most organisations see the value in teams, indeed the vast majority of work done in organisations is performed by teams.  It’s not that we don’t recognise their value. Yet there is a nagging frustration that they don’t deliver what we know they could.  For most of us there is much more that teams could deliver. But why is teamwork important in a recession? The unfulfilled potential of teams is even more important in a recession when things are tough, budgets tight and resources stretched. Finding a way for teams members together to deliver much more than they would separately becomes critical.

The majority of team development models tend to provide nice and neat steps and stages, but say little about the messy context of the workplace, where teams are often stuck, or bogged down in problems. Re-energising your teams will help you to:

  • get a new team performing quickly,
  • be equipped to take over an existing team and crucially
  • identify and rectify team problems and revitalise teams that seem stuck.

In our “re-energise your teams” session you’ll find help you don’t often get elsewhere:

  • How to take over existing teams, not just start a new team
  • Build the team.  Take a group of individuals, with a range of strengths, and make them into a team.
  • Deal with the problems with teams, and how to avoid them
  • A new model to apply the right leadership style and focus your energy dependent on the team development stage
  • Assess and address the development needs of an existing team.
  • Re-focus a team onto new challenges
  • Energise a team to perform
  • Turn problems into opportunities as your team gets better.

Why is Teamwork Important in a Recession? It can make all the difference

If you can get your teams really working again it can transform your response to austerity. Re-gain the initiative and let the energy of teams challenge austerity.