The Missing AdvantageThe missing advantage: what is it that businesses are missing out on? In many ways this advantage could be described as being right in front of us. An “obvious” resource that is hidden in full view. This workshop will build on the first two well-known advantages business can gain:

  • Competitive advantage focuses on how you add value by what you do compared to other organisations.
  • Collaborative advantage generates benefits by doing better, or by creating more value together (with other organisations) than could be done separately.

There is however a missing advantage, one that can making a big difference to how businesses cope in a recession.

In our “The Customer Comes Second” workshop we focused on the benefits of putting employees first. This workshop emphasises the other side of the mutually reinforcing relationship between employees and customers. The missing advantage then is the Customer Advantage.

  • Customer advantage (what has often been missing), sees the customer as “co-creator of value”.

Too often customer are seen as passive recipients of our services and products. Increasingly customers want to become active collaborators. This new advantage has some significant benefits that can be realised without any great investment, other than that is investing your time with your customers.

In this workshop we will help you to be able to:

  • View your business performance as a show
  • Develop the customer experience, inviting your customer onto “centre stage”
  • See your customers as active collaborators rather than passive recipients
  • Explore the different roles customers can play, from co-creator, co-producer, connector to other customers, and sales person
  • Reap the benefit of the customer as collaborator
  • Integrate competitive, collaborative and customer advantage

There are several aspects of customer advantage that can create new opportunities for businesses. Unlocking the missing advantage releases the customer to co-create and co-produce as well as become you greatest advocate. These are priceless advantages to tackle a tough recession.