What is performance managementWhat is Performance Management: a vital question which is in need of some new answers in a recession.

How can organisations outperform austerity?

Performance managment is viewed by many managers as one of the most difficult parts of their job. Many of us admit it isn’t done well in our organisations. Yet in a recession  more than ever performance matters.

It’s all about Performance is one of  our Antidote to Austerity workshops which gives you some new  and challenging answers to the question: “what is performance management?”

What is Performance Management: the biggest challenge facing managers?

What is the biggest challenge facing managers in a recession?  The most obvious answer might be managing changes, re-structures, and resource-constraints.  However, the real issue is not how to manage any or all of these factors.  The biggest challenge facing managers today is managing the outcome – their effect on performance.

The key to delivering services in the current, difficult, operating context is a renewed focus on performance.

When so much difficult change, and uncertainty dominantes during a recession it is very easy for organisatiosn and employees to lose their focus on performance.

Managers frequently describe managing performance as a topic they struggle with, and perhaps even more so when in the midst of so much change.  Yet, performance management is one of the most important responsibilities of a manager’s job.  Performance management has a bad press.  Why?  Because all too often, the emphasis seems to be on process rather than on people, and process can be more about paper-work, form-filling and ticking boxes, than about real performance.

The aims of the workshop are to help managers:

  • Re-focus their emphasis on performance.
  • Create the conditions for performance.
  • Motivate colleagues in difficult circumstances.
  • Maintain performance through transition.
  • Apply approaches to encourage high performance.
  • Assess performance needs.
  • Create opportunities for individuals to contribute by building on their strengths.


To turn the tables on austerity will mean a return to finding new answers to the question: what is performance management. To outperform austerity make sure you come to this workshop!