Resourceful styles of leadershipResourceful styles of leadership are essential when budgets are being squeezed. “Resource -full” Leadership is one of our Antidotes to Austerity topics which takes a very different view of a thorny issue in business: making cuts. As much as it is difficult in a recession to have a mindset focused on opportunity and growth (as we discuss in our session on re-gaining your business mojo) it’s equally as difficult not to dash to making cuts.

How can you adopt resourceful styles of leadership and resist the understandable temptation to reduce budgets, make cuts and reduce your resources? Before you do so, take a different view of resources in our workshop aimed at re-dressing the balance.

Resourceful Styles of Leadership – Resourceful Strategies

There is much more scope to be flexible with the resources we have, even under the intense pressure of trying to save costs in a recession. Across-the-board cuts are seldom sensible and often damaging. One of the problems with resources is that they are often trapped or stuck in the wrong areas. If you think differently about resources they can often fulfill different purposes than that for which they were originally intended. Resourceful styles of leadership unlock these trapped resources.

Before making cut-backs in your resources, work through the 6 resource strategies in this workshop.

In this workshop we’ll help you to be able to:

  • Assess why predictable “across the board” cuts damage businesses
  • Apply a “bricolage” approach: creative re-purposing of resources
  • Interpret the six resource strategies for you business
  • Test and challenge underlying assumptions behind resource cuts
  • Use the “ABC” process to deploy the six resource strategies
  • Develop resourceful styles of leadership to use resources to support growth

Before you jump (or are pushed) into difficult but predictable cuts, however plausible, take a fresh look at your resource strategies.  You may find you can release resource to do much more than you thought possible.

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