Business leadership skills under pressure: Re-gain your business mojoMost people’s business leadership skills comes under pressure during a recession. So this Antidote to Austerity workshop is particularly relevant. How can you re-gain or maintain you business mojo?

When your business leadership skills are under pressure it’s easy to lose your “mojo”, that is your inspiration and motivation.  How then can you regain or maintain your business mojo?  Part of the answer may well be in one way that ” mojo” is interpreted.  Some describe it as “finding the magic in what you do?” This workshop will help you to do just that.

Business Leadership Skills Under Pressure: Re-gain your MOJO

When business leadership skills are under pressure it becomes difficult to hold onto the positives. The easy and understandable response would be to re-trench or just try to hold onto the status-quo. It feels like the choice between growth or cuts is heavily loaded towards cuts. However, simple answers are not enough, in this workshop we will look at some of the evidence about what strategies businesses use to navigate a recession.  We will also challenge you to look at what seems the harder route: to look for growth and opportunity. How can you find a way to grow in a recession?

At this Antidotes to Austerity workshop we’ll help you to be able to:

  • Discover the power of strength-based leadership
  • Re-focus on your strengths to deliver business growth: Find the magic in what you do!
  • Connect to customers with “the magic in what you do”
  • Assess how to help your customers save money and make money
  • Adapt the right blend of 3 recession strategies for your business
  • Adopt 80/20 growth
  • Develop opportunities based on two views of the future

With Business Leadership skills under pressure we call for a a re-think of how we cope with a recession. Challenge yourself to create opportunities by re-gaining or re-focusing the “magic in what you do”

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