Change management processThe critical change management process is sustaining change.It is the crucial final wave in our 3 wave change management process: C-Change. This third wave matters.

You can take great care  preparing for change and understanding the seeds of change, that is a good beginning. You can bring together great strategies and implement an integrated and purposeful plan, that is a difficult enough, but it is not sufficient. For change to be effective leaders and managers need to put the conditions in place that enable change to be sustained; to make it last. That is not to say that change is fixed, but rather that change is sustained in the spirit of continuing to be creative, improving public services. This suggests a need for a culture that will continue to make sense of change as it emerges and continues to seek strategic solutions to make things happen.

Change Management Process – Making it last

The third wave looks further into the future.  How do we manage the sea changes in a manner which encourages continuous improvement and sustainability?

  • Culture: Eats strategy for breakfast.  How do we cultivate appropriate organizational cultures? What kind of culture promotes continuing focus on making sense of change and seeking strategic solutions?
  • Community: Developing the on-going “adult relationship” with the citizen/customer/client
  • Creativity: how do we encourage people to innovate and to think more widely?
  • Communication: What is the best way to communicate, both as a management mechanism and as a form of citizen involvement and “buy-in”?
  • Continuous improvement: The changes in public services all demand a greater focus on improvement and building the capacity and capability to improve.  How can public services build continuous improvement into the core of what they do?

The C-Change Change Management Process

Sustaining change is the third wave in our 3 wave C-Change framework. You can find out more about the other two waves here :

  • Seeds of change – making sense of the situation. Seeds of change is the first wave of  three in our C-change framework. It helps leaders and managers to makes sense of difficult changes
  • Strategies for change: making it happen. We explore these strategies in Change management tools: strategic solutions to challenge austerity. What change management tools deliver strategic solutions to cope with sea changes in public services? How can we equip managers to challenge adversity

Facilitated Worshops to Sustain Change

We have developed facilitated workshops to take leaders and managers through the 3 waves of change. Why not get in touch and contact us for more information.