Our income generation track record is based on actually developing client business in a new University Business School setting and also significant private sector experience of building client income and relationships.

Developing a Client Business Engagement Provision at a Business School

Track recordOur experience has been gained whilst managing the development of a client business engagement provision within Higher Education from its formation through to an income stream of c. £1M, at a new University Business School. This was achieved from a zero base, without the University Business School having a track record in client programmes/business. Demonstrating successful generation of client income and transitioning from a start-up to mainstream repeat income.

It involved the complete development of clients, client management, a new department, innovative solutions, tendering processes, development of a portfolio of executive programmes and a supporting freelance network. Central to the growth was the intent to develop significant clients with longer term relationships; therefore relationship building and client management were crucial to the success.

Award Winning Programmes

During this period a number of the programmes were part of successful awards. For example a partnership approach was developed with Liverpool City Council (LCC) developing leaders and managers at senior, middle and front-line. The approach grew to provide consultancy interventions and a six year relationship.  The partnership with LCC resulted in a national award in the category of “Best Executive Development Programme” beating strong private sector competition from the BBC, Argos and United Utilities in the Human Resources Excellence Awards. The judging criteria sought evidence of “robust and innovative methods to assess and develop executive skills and top talent”.

Private Sector Experience

Apex Leadership director Anthony Sturgess also has significant private sector experience in developing client relationships. At FT Knowledge (Pearson’s corporate management education business) he managed a team to successfully generate a revenue target of c£1M, creating long term relationships and setting up customised programmes for clients. Delivery of programmes involved utilising and managing a mix of in-house staff along with a network of freelancers and small businesses. At FT Knowledge he developed customised programmes with such organisation as, Elida Faberge, Royal Sun Alliance, Solvay Interox, British Energy, and Astra Zeneca. For example he led a consultancy process with a global insurance business (Royal Sun Alliance) including facilitating an expert group from Canadian, US and UK staff (300K project). He also led a team to develop training and Development processes and delivery to support a business turnaround strategy within the chemical industry (former ICI businesses owned by US based international business, Huntsman – project value 800K). The project won a Manufacturing Excellence award within the group.

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