How to build competitive advantage by thinking differently

Learn how to do the common things uncommonly well with our new book!

Uncommon Leadership uncovers insights and knowledge that might be based on common sense but are not widely applied. Implementing these ideas will give your business the sustainable competitive advantage it needs.

About the book

Uncommon Leadership: how to build competitive advantage by thinking differently

What is common to good leadership is often uncommon practice. To be able to think differently, leaders need uncommon insights that encourage them to make new connections and build sustainable competitive advantage.

In unpredictable circumstances and when resources are constrained, leaders are expected to show the way forward, by thinking differently and coming up with new strategies. Uncommon Leadership will stimulate fresh strategic thinking and act as a springboard for better leadership in organizations.

The book contains ideas specifically designed to motivate executives to think differently about business, exploring the uncommon insights which will make a significant difference to your leadership.

Table of contents

Conclusion: Building competitive advantage through uncommon leadership roles

Book details

  • ISBN: 9780749471040
  • Published date: 3 May 2014
  • Paperback
  • 240 Pages
  • Dimensions: 234x156mm
  • Language: English
  • Price £19.99


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Reviewer comments

“I really liked this book. It addresses the elephant that has been in the room for some time. Everyone knows that effective leadership makes the difference and yet we continually see the same issues time and again, where leaders are under the spotlight.  It is comprehensive, provides a fresh perspective and illustrates what the best do well to develop competitive advantage through their leadership approach. The learning suggestions are practical and insightful. It brings together the best thinking on this topic to provide leaders with a practical, insightful and informative toolkit.” David Robertson, Vice President and Executive Consultant, The Forum Corporation (EMEA)

“When I first … opened the book I couldn’t put it down! I have read lots of management books however this book was different.  The case studies and examples really helped reinforce and bring alive the 5-S Leadership Framework. It gave me an opportunity to re-visit my own leadership approach. I recognised my own good practice against the framework and looked for ways I could implement new ways of working.  The examples helped me see how different ways of thinking can have a massive impact on results whether that is with your people, your customers, performance or just the way you do things.” Sarah Parr, Director of SIA Service and Customer Access Service, Liverpool Direct Ltd

“Drawing on some of the best commentators on, and examples of leadership, the authors have produced a distinctive approach to the subject uncommonly accessible to all those faced with the common challenge of leading businesses and organisations of any shape and size in the modern world. This is a practical book grounded in sound scholarship which will help anyone to make sense of leadership.” Professor David Major, consultant in work-based and lifelong learning